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Water Resources Consultants (WRC) is a multi-disciplinary consulting company specialising in the development and management of water resources, environment and water supply infrastructure. WRC was incorporated in Botswana in 1987 and has since provided services in Botswana and the rest of the SADC region. Aside from the WRC head office located in Gaborone, WRC maintains offices in Zambia and South Africa, and is associated with GWC Consulting Engineers of Lesotho. This regional presence brings our expertise and resources close to our clients in southern Africa. 

WRC’s mission is to provide high quality specialised technical services for the development and management of water resources and the environment in the SADC region, and to develop our human and material resources for the overall benefit of our organisation, our employees and our clients. WRC is registered with National and International funding agencies such as the World Bank and SADC.

 Over the past fourteen years, WRC has successfully executed more than 50 water resources and infrastructure development projects for governments, mining houses, international consulting firms and industries in Southern Africa (Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, and Zambia) as well as many projects for the Water Sector Coordinating Unit of SADC. These multidisciplinary projects involved Geology, Hydrogeology, Hydrology, Geophysics, Engineering, Environmental Science and GIS Applications and have ranged in scope from specific project tasks to turnkey projects. These projects implemented solutions for rural, urban, industrial and agricultural water supplies and included the assessment of resources on a regional basis. 

Specific regional resource management, institutional/human capacity assessment and policy development projects that have been carried out by WRC for SADC include: development of the regional groundwater management programme, development of a code of practice and guidelines on groundwater development in the SADC region, preliminary study for the compilation of a regional hydrogeologic map and atlas for the SADC region, and protection and strategic uses of groundwater in drought prone regions of the SADC region. 

WRC is highly qualified to execute water sector projects on a regional to local basis. WRC has implemented such projects using leading edge technologies such as airborne geophysical surveys supplemented by ground geophysics, numerical modelling and isotope/hydrochemical analysis for estimation of groundwater recharge. WRC is at the forefront of technological developments in the industry through its association with leading institutes and firms. WRC maintains close collaboration with consulting firms and research organizations such as ITC, (The Netherlands), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, (Zurich) and the Council of Scientific and Industrial Institute, CSIR (South Africa). 

WRC has a proven track record of achievement and has successfully executed over fifty projects ranging in value from US $ 2,000 to US$ 3 million. Successful and timely completion of projects, innovative use of technology and a commitment to excellence has helped WRC build a strong reputation among clients. 

The strength of WRC is its highly qualified and dynamic international work force. At present, the total number of WRC staff comprises 30 people (14 Professionals, 6 Technicians and 10 Administration and support staff). WRC has extensive in-house facilities, equipment and resources to implement multi-disciplinary projects. 

Human resource development at all levels is a key aspect of WRC’s corporate ethos. WRC has been successful in identifying and developing talent at all levels.  Senior international staff and nationals employed in WRC jointly develop and implement its human resources development programme, which to date has resulted in 30 man-months of advanced overseas education and 18 man months of regional training for staff.