Key Staff

 Tej Bakaya - Managing Director

Mr. Tej Bakaya holds a Master's degree in Applied Geophysics, Bachelor’s degree in Geology and Physics and a Post graduate Diploma in Hydrology. He is the Managing Director responsible for overall operations in Botswana & Zambia. He has over 40 years experience in executing, managing and directing projects. He has supervised and managed over 90 projects, having completed long term assignments in Botswana, India, and Lesotho, Tanzania and Zambia and short-term assignments in 7 other countries. These Projects included development of rural and urban water supplies, design and interpretation of geophysical surveys, design and operation of hydrometric networks, regional water resource assessment projects, conjunctive use of surface and groundwater, drought alleviation programmes. Mr. Bakaya’s experience in the last fifteen years includes serving as Project Manager on four major groundwater resource assessment projects in Botswana and as an internal reviewer on two regional groundwater projects commissioned by SADC. He also has contributed as Project Director on a number of water supply engineering design & construction supervision projects and environmental Projects in Botswana and Zambia. Mr. Bakaya has also been involved in collaborating with national and international firms for business development and technology transfer.

Mookamedi Masie - Director/ Principal Hydrogeologist   

masie photo

Mr. Mookamedi Masie holds a Master’s Degree in Hydrogeology and Bachelors degree in Geology. He is the Director and Principal Hydrogeologist for Water Resources Consultants responsible for overall management of groundwater & environmental Projects. He has 20 years experience in groundwater resources investigations, development and management gained mainly in Botswana as well as in Lesotho and the USA.  His areas of expertise include, development of conceptual hydrogeological models, groundwater resources quantification, development of well field management programmes, and establishment of hydrogeological monitoring networks.

Mr. Masie has performed the roles of Team leader & Senior Hydrogeologist in three major Projects involving exploration, assessment and development of groundwater resources covering areas of 4, 000 to 12, 000 square kilometres located in South west (Matsheng Groundwater Project) and north west (Maun Groundwater Project – Phase 1 & 2) Botswana. The Matsheng Project involved the assessment & development of transboundary aquifer between Botswana and Namibia & the Maun Project involved the assessment &development of shallow fresh water aquifers underlain by saline water located at the edge of the Okavango Delta.  Both these projects used state of the art methodology including airborne geophysical surveys, isotope studies, and groundwater modelling & water quality assessment.

From 2006, Mr. Masie has been managing and supervising Environmental Impact Assessment Studies as well as the groundwater Projects.  He was responsible for the assessment of the impacts of the proposed Mosetse Dam on Sand River aquifers, undertaking environment feasibility of Chobe Zambezi water transfer pipeline and EIA & EMP of Thune Dam. Mr Masie possesses extensive project management experience, technical report writing, liaison with clients and other stakeholders.

Benarji Kadiyala - Principal Engineer

Mr B. Kadiyala holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. He is the Principal Engineer in Water Resources Consultants for the past 9 years and has been responsible for preparation of tender bids, implementing projects and initiating new projects. He has over 29 years experience in the technical and management aspects of water supply, Sanitation and infrastructure Projects, which involve design, construction supervision and Project management. He has worked as an Engineer in India and in Africa with various construction and consultant companies. He has been working in Botswana for the past twenty four years implementing various government projects mostly focused on water supply and sanitation.
From year 2009 to 2011, Mr. Kadiyala worked as a Senior Resident Engineer and supervised and managed a large scale water transfer scheme, i.e., Connection from North South Carrier (NSC) water Pipeline at Palpaye to Serowe. This project involved  construction of 18Km of 700mm, 48Km of 600mm diameters Ductile Iron (DI) transmission mains, construction of two 2500m³ capacity concrete collector reservoirs, two pump stations, two 6250m³ capacity concrete storage reservoirs and associated building and engineering works involving construction cost of  forty five million US dollars. After 2011, Mr. Kadiyala has been participating in other projects which included coordinating the feasibility & preliminary design of 540 kilometre long pipeline (Chobe Zambezi), design & build water projects involving rehabilitation of well fields (Ramotswa,Suping & Thabala in Botswana) and extension of main & distribution networks.

Indresh Sharma -  Director/Principal Hydrogeologist

Mr. Sharma is the Director/ Principal Hydrogeologist of WRC Consultants Zambia. Mr. Sharma has a Master’s degree in Geology with specialization in hydrogeology. He is responsible for all the operations & management of WRC Zambia. Mr. Sharma has more than 28 years’ experience of executing hydrogeological investigations, groundwater exploration and resource estimation projects in Zambia, Botswana, India and Nepal. His responsibilities in these projects included project management, coordination with Clients and communities, compilation and analysis of existing data, database development, use of GIS, remote sensing and aerial photo interpretation, borehole inventories, water quality analysis, supervising & coordinating hydrogeological and geophysical investigations, supervising exploratory drilling programs, design and construction of  production boreholes, supervision of superstructure construction and Hand Pump installation.

Mr. Sharma has also participated in various projects involving groundwater pollution studies, Rain Water Harvesting and Artificial Recharge studies & training of young professionals and Technicians.
From 2009 Mr. Sharma has been involved as the Team leader and Project Manager in Zambia for implementation of rural water supply schemes involving geophysical surveys, supervision of drilling, test pumping and installation of hand pumps in western, southern and Central Province under Water and Sanitation Programme commissioned by the Ministry of Local Government & Housing, JICA, KFW, Danida and other agencies. Mr. Sharma also completed a feasibility study for development of new well field in Ndola and Masaiti areas in the Copper Belt Province of Zambia and supervision of construction and test pumping of 10 large diameter production boreholes for augmenting water supply in the City of Lusaka.

Clifford J. Mazibuko - Senior Geophysicist

Mr Clifford J. Mazibuko holds a Master’s Degree in Geophysics. He is responsible for initiating, implementing & managing geophysical works. He has over six years’ experience as a Geophysicist executing hydrogeological investigations, mineral and groundwater exploration and resource evaluation projects in Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Botswana, and Lesotho. His responsibilities in these projects included compilation, review and analysis of airborne geophysical data, developing geological, structural, hydrogeological frameworks, exploration strategy and delineation of target areas, data collection and Survey management, geophysical data processing, interpretation and Report writing.

He is also experienced in calibration, maintenance and troubleshooting of field geophysical equipment. Mr Mazibuko has undertaken extensive ground surveys using various geophysical methods: Gravity, Magnetic, Electromagnetic, Induced polarisation and Resistivity. He is proficient in Wire line Well-logging for groundwater, coal, gas and base metal exploration. He also has knowledge & experience in GIS works for database development and map production, interpretation of remote sensing, aerial photo and aeromagnetic data.

Goboletswe Shima Mangadi – Senior Hydrogeologist

Mr. Mangadi holds a BSc in Geology from the University of Botswana and BSc (hons) in Geohydrology from University of Free State. He is a Senior Hydrogeologist at Water Resources Consultants. He has 13 years experience in the field of hydrogeology and environmental geology. He was previously employed as Senior Environmental Geologist at the Department of Geological Survey (DGS), Government of Botswana. His expertise is in groundwater exploration, groundwater development and management, groundwater resources evaluation, risk assessment and environmental/engineering geology. He has significant experience in water demand assessment, development of conceptual models, groundwater resource quantification, water quality assessment, planning and supervision of drilling and test pumping. Mr. Mangadi has worked as a Senior Hydrogeologist and Project Manager on a number of rural water supply projects in Botswana & Zambia. These projects mostly involved groundwater exploration & development and supervision of drilling of boreholes and pumping tests, borehole rehabilitation & water quality evaluation. In addition, Mr. Mangadi has also worked on assessment & development of transboundary aquifer Project (Matsheng Project) & in the Groundwater modelling of Palla Road well field. He is also experienced in geotechnical and environmental geology studies.

Mr. Mangadi has experience in project management, technical report writing, client liaison, proposal writing and tender documentation. He has undertaken short courses in Project Management, EIA studies, MS Project and mathematical groundwater flow modelling.

John Mainah – Senior Environmentalist/Ecologist

Picture 067Mr. Mainah has an MSc degree in Environmental Science specialising in range ecology obtained from University of Botswana in 1999 and has over 14 years working experience conducting environment impact assessments as well as environmental supervision of construction projects. He is working as an Environmentalist/ Ecologist at Water Resources Consultants since 2007.  Mr. Mainah has a sound knowledge of ecological dynamics in semi arid areas having studied and worked in Botswana for many years. He has done research in Kalahari sandveld and the hardveld parts of Botswana. His areas of expertise include biophysical impact (ecological impact assessment on flora and fauna) assessment studies of development projects, literature review, and scoping, detailed environmental impact assessment studies, development of mitigation measures /environmental management plans and report writing. He also has experience in project management, preparation of technical and financial proposals for EIA studies.

Mainah was involvement as an ecologist and an environmental compliance officer for the EIA study for construction of the Molapowabojang River Crossing, Southern District in Botswana, EIA for the proposed transfer and utilisation of Chobe/Zambezi, Chobe/Central/North East Districts of Botswana and the environmental supervision for the construction of Thune Dam and Associated Works at Molalatau Village, Bobirwa Sub-District, Botswana.

Fred Mulenga -  Senior Water Resources Engineer

Mr Mulenga holds Master’s Degree in Water Resources Management from Lund University in Sweden. He has about 30 years experience gained during his tenure with Government of Zambia under the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Water Development. He has been employed by WRC Consultants Limited, Zambia since 2012.His main role includes supervising & coordinating various projects related to rural water supply. While employed by Government of Zambia, he gained extensive experience in the operational hydrology: establishing, maintenance and rehabilitating of hydrometric stations and data collection & processing.

He also participated in the installation of data platforms (HYCOS) for data transmission within the SADC region. In addition to this, he has also been involved in water allocation, infrastructure design and water efficiency use, design and development of groundwater monitoring stations and installation of data loggers for data collection and analysis. As a member GWP (Global Water Partnership), which coordinates IWRM activities in Southern Africa, he was involved in coordination of various projects involving; the efficient and effective allocation of water resource equity in the allocation of water resources across different social and economic grouping along with environmental sustainability to protect water resources. He also has experience in efficient management of the shared water courses particularly the Zambezi river basin shared by 8 riparian countries and strategies for conflict resolutions in the same basin.

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